Can you really get fitter in just 10 minutes? And without even breaking a sweat? Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge say you can with High Octane Ride.

Offering the perfect solution to those lacking the motivation to dedicate the time to training in the gym, High Octane Ride boasts that just 10 minutes on their special stationary bike provides the same benefits as 45 minutes in the gym – and minus the sweating…

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It’s one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year, and it’s out in cinemas TODAY! Avengers: Age of Ultron is the sequel to 2012’s The Avengers and the 11th installment in the MCU (Marvel Comics Universe) and last night I was lucky enough to be invited by Gillette to attend a special pre-screening of the movie. EEEK! Also on show at the event were the new range of Gillette Avengers razors…

Having been innovating for over 100 years, it seems only right that Gillette would team up with the movie’s key innovators, Stark Industries, to create a line of super-superior razors to take the daily chores of shaving. Shaving, will never be the same again.

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a Monday Motivation piece – not because I have been unmotivated myself, but because anytime I write one I want it to be as truly organic as possible. I don’t want to sit thinking, “What should I do this week?” and write whatever comes to mind. I want it to be a reflection of things actually happening.

The other day, a friend an I were swapping stories on how we both used to be ex-fatties – loosing weight, losing chins and bingo wins, you know the story – and we began talking about how even though we are both in much better positions, physically and mentally, we can’t help but criticise ourselves so strongly, in relation to who we used to be. It’s amazing how much this has a knock on effect to the rest of you life; the low self-esteem you had as a youngster infects your adults life, work and relationships. The devil on your shoulder saying, “You’re not worth it, you’re not good enough”, and we let it alter our decision making and how we approach the world around us.

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Now, if you happen to have any form of social media, you may have noticed a bit of a buzz today over a certain pop star’s stunning cover of the next issue of Notion Magazine. Queen front man Adam Lambert is the cover star of Issue 69.

The tall, dark and devastatingly handsome, Adam Lambert shares the details of the Max Martin assisted album on the horizon and speaks about artistic maturity and singing lead for the iconic group, Queen. – Notion Magazine

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As you may have seen on my Instagram feed, the new Scaramouche & Fandango 4-in-1 SPORT wash has been a little hero of mine during my 30 Day Challenge. This multi-tasking master can be used for washing your hair, face and body as well as a handy shave cream – it’s a must for any avid gym-goer or sports player. It saves time, hassle and space in your kit bag!

Packed with energising extracts of caffeiene, this wash packs a nifty little punch. Taking care of everything you got, the Guar Gym moisturises and conditions while also allowing for a close shave.

You can get the Scaramouche & Fandango 4-in1 Sports Wash on Amazon. It’s also available in a nifty Men’s Sports Pack with a matching Men’s Wash Bag.

Scaramouche & Fandango are fast become a brand to watch as they slowly lay a firm foundation in the accessible price-point market for male grooming. They have a great range of products from moisturisers to washes and conditions as well as an awesome travel pack for holidays.

They’ve also just got a really great brand ethos; to put he simple back into male grooming. They strive to remove all of the jargon and buzzwords that don’t mean anything to us average folk and offer a neat, direct range of usuable products.

I recommend checking out their site,, for more info.

I’ve done it! Monday was the final day of my 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. What a month it’s been.

It’s been tough to say the least, not just physically but mentally and practically, too! Trying to schedule the classes in everyday was hard and it you do end up having to sacrifice other things in order to fit it in. But I am so glad I did.

The challenge has given me everything I hoped for and more. After a slow come back from injury, I thought I was done, I couldn’t focus or find the drive to keep training and making changes, but Bikram has changed it all. It’s given me back my discipline, my energy and my determination. I can’t wait to get back to training.

I can’t thank the team at Bikram Yoga Wimbledon enough – especially Sarah. Seeing Sarah’s smiling face as you walk through the door each and every time makes you happy to be there. I felt so welcome and supported the whole time, her words of encouragement were never failing. I’d also like to thank Raj, Sharka, Donna, Ros, Kee and the other amazing instructors I had the pleasure of training with. You kept me motivated, focused and strong throughout my challenge, guiding me to work harder where I could and teaching me the value in patience – letting my body tell me how it was feeling and settling into it.

The Bikram 30 day challenge is not for the faint hearted. It’s hard, simply said. From dizziness in the heat to muscle fatigue; it takes an iron will to still get up at 5.30 every morning and head down to class, still aching from the session before.

I kept my classes balanced between the 90 minute and 60 minute classes. I must admit I prefer the 60 – not because they are shorter, but because of the pace. I’m still learning and mastering my practice, so at the moment, with the slower pace of the 90 minute I find it near impossible not to let my mind wonder and get distracted from my breath. In the 60, I find I am totally present.

As for next steps, I am taking three days off from training all together; to let my body rest and because Press Days have begun so lots of early mornings and late nights around work attending them, then I will get back to training. I plan on keeping Yoga a central force of my training. After losing touch with the practice at uni (over 8 years ago now! EEK!) I am so happy to back in the flow of it. I am going to mix it up and try to get back into Ashtanga yoga as well as trying out Hot Yoga at my gym – it’s like Bikram, but the room is a little cooler at around 35 degrees and you do a flow yoga over static postures. I’ll then also work my resistance and HIIT training back in.

Now to find my next challenge! Any ideas, let me know.

If these has inspired you to take up a #30DayChallenge, get in touch and let me know on Twitter!


Now, I do have a slight confession to make, considering I am never further than arms reach away from some form of mp3-playing device – such is my need for an accompanying soundtrack to anything i do – I have never been one to invest in a pair of headphones. Shoot me, I know. It’s a cardinal sin, really. I’ve always made do with the ones that come with my phone or cheap pair I can get – usually because I then use the same pair for the gym, too. It’s just getting worse, isn’t it? So, in light of this, I was super excited to get the chance to try out Sennheriser’s new Urbanite XL over-ear headphones.

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