“Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”~ Confucius

It’s said that words only have power if you let them; that sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you. But what about when it comes to words of love and positivity? We’re happy to accept the power of these words and are instantly affected by them, so how can it be so easy to ignore the bad ones?

I believe words have power. It may not always be a direct power that can harm, or even uplift, but words can teach and influence unknowingly, in a way that can be far more devastating. More often than not these words can be used completely unintentionally.

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Have you guys seen the new Nike SneakerBoots? If not, you need to check this out. It’s the classic trainer versus winter, a battle for survival resulting in the transformation of iconic Nike styles like the Air Max into weatherised powerhouses with unbeatable weatherproof performance, including warmth, visibility and dryness.

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Even with many men having shaved off their facial hair for Movember, the ever-popular beard is still very much present in the world around us, and so to help those hairy gents keep their beards looking sharp, Murdock London has released a full beard collection.

Building on the runaway success of their Beard Moisturiser, which recently won an award for Best New Beard Care at the GQ Grooming Awards, Murdock London is now introducing a Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner and Beard oil into the mix.

“A great beard doesn’t just happen. Like all important things in life, its success depends on preparation.” – Murdock London

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An entire ocean of water cannot sink a ship unless the water gets inside. – Goi Nasu

This week’s Monday motivation is actually inspired by one of you. I’m so happy with how you’ve all been responding to these posts and I was sent this beautiful quote by a reader and I think it’s perfect for this week’s topic – dealing with adversity.

The negative experiences we all have to deal with can become alarmingly overwhelming, we struggle to see what’s past our current situation and begin to view it as our life. The key is to dealing with this is having the confidence in yourself that you can cope and survive the trails life throws at you.

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I’ve been a fan of Dsquared² fragrances since I first came across them with the introduction of Dsquared² Intense He WOOD. But with the release of the new Dsquared² WILD, I think my favourite has shifted.

If someone asked me to describe Dsquared², I think I would simply show them this fragrance – the bottle, the juice, the scent are all signatures of the Dsquared² DNA and are wrapped up neatly in WILD.

“It’s a raw roll in the hay — the whole idea is to be a bit raw. Even the bottle is kind of harnessed”, said Dan Caten to WWD.

Seeing the brand’s olfactory journey continue, WILD sees the Dsquared² man engaging with the environments around him, both urban and in nature, representing “the freedom for a man to express his sensuality, his passion and his deepest desire.”

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Nicce London has got to easily be my favourite new brand at the moment. It’s one of those situations where you come across a brand and not only does it’s entire style aesthetic match my own, but even down to the physical item – the cut, the fit and the fabric – it’s all just on the same wave length.

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Birthdays are important. The fact you’re here to celebrate is reason alone to cheer. Another birthday is another chance at greatness.

I may make the odd ‘old’ joke every time a birthday comes around, but I don’t mean it (usually). But it seems to me there are an unhealthy amount of people who passionately abhor turning another year older and choose to act as though the event does not exists.

I get upset when friends choose not to celebrate their birthdays – recently, a close friend of mind hid the fact it was her birthday to all those around her. I still brought her a mini surprise birthday cake which we shared in secret, but I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want the fuss over her, she didn’t want the attention or to ‘bother’ people.

For anyone who feels the same, I’ll say to you what I said to her…

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