Designer headphones have been making their way into the mainstream for a while now, with your earwear’s look being just as important to your musical style as what is actually playing. Now we have a new, UK based entry into the field called Boom Earwear and they have added some great design features, making them an instant win in our books.

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The importance of good grooming is something I can’t stress enough, but occasionally we all need a bit of extra motivation to take the time to keep our locks looking good. So praise be to God Buddha Cher that the team at one London’s most sought-after barbers, Soho’s ‘Joe & Co’, has joined forces with Fuller’s London Pride beer to add a bit of extra lubrication to your look – oooh, er!

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Looking for something different to do in London this summer? Then say hello to Lynx Black Space, a new social venue opened in the Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch by the grooming giant. The social escape of the season, the new venue is designed to provide respite to London’s best and brightest (that’s you) and offers a chance to get away from the hectic city streets.

The new space is open for three months and offers an eclectic calendar of events across the summer; ranging from music performances, stand-up comedy and talks from innovators in the world of business, music and sport, as well as movie nights by Backyard Cinema.

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The online fashion e-tailer that is ASOS has added another string to it’s bow; Grooming.

Now, it’s not the first time the online mega store has launched men’s grooming, ASOS has released a curated edit before but this time it’s relaunching with a bang – a new, refined edit of the best grooming brands around that will spruce up your skincare routine, make short work of shower time and and sharpen up your grooming game.

The guys at ASOS invited me along for breakfast to get to know the range better and to talk more about what grooming means the them.

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Choosing a new pair of headphones can be a pain in the ass; trying to decide whether to choose style over sound or size over shape. There are so many options out there that we begin to suffer decision fatigue (that’s an actual thing!)

So those seeking a new sound will be please to discover AIAIAI’s latest release – the TMA-2 Modular headphones.

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Get ready for your jaws to drop – have you guys seen Pietro Boselli and Matthew Lewis for Attitude Magazine?!?! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.

Not happy with just breaking the internet back at the start of the year, or fronting the Headmaster campaign for Charlie by Matthew Zink, the world’s hottest maths teacher, Pietro Boselli has now turned his had to magazine cover stardom thanks to Attitude Magazine.

Covering the magazine for their swimwear and underwear special, Boselli shows of his most valuable assets – must to the pleasure of gays (and girls!) everywhere.

“People started messaging me and sending screengrabs of the trends on Facebook and things like that. I actually didn’t even know what that meant as I don’t use Facebook, but it just escalated really quickly,” Pietro says.

“I don’t think I’m worth the buzz, I guess I struggle to understand it. It just blew up and, well, it’s been fun! It’s still quite hard to get my head around but I’m really happy to be doing this, besides it’s always going to help my modelling career.”

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So the lovely guys at Burton Menswear have asked me to be a part of their How to Dress Like a Gentleman campaign, and have asked me to come up with the different things men can do to achieve it.

Firstly, I feel that I should say that, for me, being a ‘gentleman’ is so much more than how you dress, it’s about the person as well. A gentleman is someone with manners and compassion, with ideals and ambition. But clothing can be a great way to enhance these traits.

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