The concept of a single-dish restaurant has been on a stratospheric rise over the past few years, especially in London, with countless niche establishments opening. One of the latest arrivals in the heart of London’s Soho is TOP DOG, which as the same suggests specialists in hot dogs in a variety of glorious forms.

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One of the great things about living in London is the awesome selection of barbers for men to choose from. A hotspot for guys who give more than a quick 20-minute trims worth of a damn about their hair, London has every type of barber you could want, from the uber-prmium to the uber-edgy and alternative. Then there are those that are a perfect mis of the two, one of them being Jack the Clipper.

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I’ve never been ‘sporty’ or overly athletic. As many of you know, I’ve had a 10-year saga with my body, seeing me half my body size and weight. As I’ve done this, a new love for exercise and sport has become part of my life. I’m still working on my fitness and body goals, and it’s been pretty tough. After busting my ankle in last October I was out of training for months and lost a lot of muscle tone in my right leg. After months of physio I was back in the gym but something was missing; I’d lost the love of being there. The weight I’d put back on left me downtrodden and unmotivated and I was struggling to get back on it.

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If you’re looking for the most comfortable, closest shave of your life, then the Braun Series 9 maybe the answer for you.

Even though I have a beard, I do actually still partake in a regular shaving routine; trimming my beard and lining it in. It can be a multi-product routine – first triming the beard with a mini shaver-over-comb, then lining in with a manual razor. It’s quick, but could be quicker. So I was eager to try out the new Braun Series 9 shaver.

With its four specially designed cutting elements, multiplied by the power of Sonic technology, the Braun Series 9 boasts a shave so fast that your skin doesn’t even have time to get irritated… So I put it to the test.

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Men get a bad name when it comes to household chores. From cooking and cleaning, to laundry and the weekly shopping (and don’t forget the gas bill!), we’re constantly told we’re no good at it – multitasking is a skill only bestowed on the ladies among us.

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It may seem like summer is already on it’s way out. The sales have started and the weather has gone back to grey. But there’s still plenty of time left for last-minute holidays and to keep praying to the powers-that-be that the the sunshine returns to British shores. Making sure your ready for whichever sunshine-soaked eventuality you follow, Farah’s High Summer SS15 collection offers an effortless route to vay-kay styling.

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