There’s not much I find more exciting than discovering a new label. When you come across a new brand whose designs perfectly emulate your own style aesthetics, wants and needs, it’s just darn well great. This is what has happened to me over the last few months with Foxhall London. Queue modern, transitional style, utility, clean lines with a rugged masculinity – or as the label calls it, ‘Progressive Urbanwear’.

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Got MILK? No? Well you should.

I first came across MILK a few seasons ago at LC:M when a packet of their Scrub + Cleanse wipes were included in a goodie bag I was given. It was instant love, the wipes have an exfoliating side with a rough texture that’s perfect for lifting dirt off your skin, while the smoother other side is great for removing the dirt and cleansing the skin.

MILK was founded by former swimming champ Michael Klim in Australia, so during my recent trip I couldn’t miss the oppotunity to chat with Michael and learn more about the brand…

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So after last week’s 10 Steps to Change Your Life Starting Today post a lot of you messaged me about the meditation section, so I thought I would answer some of your questions in this week’s Monday Motivation as a bit of advice on meditation for beginners.

Meditation has become very important to me, it helps me keep focus, clarity and optimism. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost energy and can even help you lose weight.

Now, obviously I am not an expert, I just do my own thing and it works for me. I’ve picked up random tips and info from people and places over the years that have helped me find something that suits.

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Fancy a little bit of philanthropy with your fashion?

Homelessness has risen substantially in recent years; rough sleeping across England has increased by 36% over three years, while in London the situation is yet more bleak with a 64% increase in the same period. So national homeless charity Crisis has launched a new t-shirt range as part of it’s wider fund raising activities. The new, sustainable line will go toward helping Crisis continue its work  to support vulnerable people across the UK.

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If there’s one new skincare product you add to your regime this winter, let it be this; Radical Skincare Extreme Repair. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that in the current harsh weather we are having, my usual skincare routine doesn’t quite cut it. The wind is biting and the chill leave my face dry and flushed.

Now, this isn’t my first introduction to Extreme Repair, I was super lucky enough to spend time with founders Liz and Rachael Edlich back in the early summer of 2014, it was the second time we had met. They knew I was off to Australia that Christmas, so they gave me a small pot of a new product Radical was working, telling me that it would be perfect for Australia’s harsher climate and unforgiving sun – that product was the yet-to-be-release Extreme Repair.

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So it’s been a long while since we last spoke, apologies for that, I’ve been in Australia for the best part of two months! I decided to take the time off to focus on the point of the trip; to recharge, realign, and reflect on the craziness of the past 18 months.

As many of you know, most of 2014, for me, was about recovery. It was about starting again and rebuilding many aspects of my life are a rather tumultuous time.

I’ve learnt so much about myself, others, the world around me and how they affect each other over the last year. It’s been an interesting path to walk along and I couldn’t have done it without some amazing people I’ve met in the past year.

I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions and I firmly disbelieve in the phrase ‘I’ll start Monday”. I believe if you want something, you start now, in the moment – you make the mental acknowledgement that you are going to achieve something and you begin to work towards it.

So, for today’s Monday Motivation I want to show you the things I am doing, no just this year but forever, to keep myself on the path I wish to follow. They are things I have learnt and they have helped change my life, maybe you might find they help you, too.

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