Get ready for your jaws to drop – have you guys seen Pietro Boselli and Matthew Lewis for Attitude Magazine?!?! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.

Not happy with just breaking the internet back at the start of the year, or fronting the Headmaster campaign for Charlie by Matthew Zink, the world’s hottest maths teacher, Pietro Boselli has now turned his had to magazine cover stardom thanks to Attitude Magazine.

Covering the magazine for their swimwear and underwear special, Boselli shows of his most valuable assets – must to the pleasure of gays (and girls!) everywhere.

“People started messaging me and sending screengrabs of the trends on Facebook and things like that. I actually didn’t even know what that meant as I don’t use Facebook, but it just escalated really quickly,” Pietro says.

“I don’t think I’m worth the buzz, I guess I struggle to understand it. It just blew up and, well, it’s been fun! It’s still quite hard to get my head around but I’m really happy to be doing this, besides it’s always going to help my modelling career.”

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So the lovely guys at Burton Menswear have asked me to be a part of their How to Dress Like a Gentleman campaign, and have asked me to come up with the different things men can do to achieve it.

Firstly, I feel that I should say that, for me, being a ‘gentleman’ is so much more than how you dress, it’s about the person as well. A gentleman is someone with manners and compassion, with ideals and ambition. But clothing can be a great way to enhance these traits.

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As I gear up for my trip to Barcelona, I’ve been reminiscing about sunnier times in Australia last Christmas. It was one of the best times of my life and I had a blast getting to know some Aussie brands, seeing my family and catching up with some friends. One of those friends being the gorgeous Emma Hoareau of Lolita Says So. We headed out into the sun along Bondi Beach for a little catch up and couldn’t resist taking some shots at Bondi Icebergs.

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The world loves a good collaboration. From musicians who can’t seem to make a song just by themselves, to fashion+celebrity ties ups, it’s fast becoming the new frontier of modern-day brand positioning – who are you good enough to work with?

Well, while I am currently on my ‘body-is-a-temple’ kick, I’m rather excited about the latest one to enter the fold; SodaStream and Dermalogica. This lifestyle duo are joining forces to help hydrate the nation – from the inside, out.

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While I was in Australia,  I couldn’t not take up the opportunity to catch up with one of my favourite bloggers – Nathan McCallum of ‘Bangarang’ is what the Lost Boys say instead of ‘cool’ in the movie HOOK – Bangarang is an exercise in awesome.

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Attention, Children. Class is in session.

University lecturer Pietro Boselli broke the internet last month when one of his students realised his dual life as a male model and teacher. With just a handful of post on Instagram, Boselli now boats over 526k followers.

Boasting both the brains and the braun – and having worked with him before, I can also tell you he is a really nice guy – Boselli’s ripped body has been appearing on every social site going across the globe – and now he’s back for his first campaign since his instant rise to prominence – and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Pietro Boselli is the latest face for Charlie by Matthew Zink, posing as Charlie the Headmaster in his tight whites and some sexy spectacles. Shop the collection here

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Can you really get fitter in just 10 minutes? And without even breaking a sweat? Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge say you can with High Octane Ride.

Offering the perfect solution to those lacking the motivation to dedicate the time to training in the gym, High Octane Ride boasts that just 10 minutes on their special stationary bike provides the same benefits as 45 minutes in the gym – and minus the sweating…

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